Shaquita Hopson is the C2C Coach at Meridian Community College (MCC), in Meridian, MS. It’s a great fit since she also has the title of College Navigator. In that role, her job is to make the transition to college easier. Coaching students through navigating college is exactly what she does for students coming to Meridian as part of the C2C program. And she loves what she does.

A college expert

Shaquita is no stranger to higher education, having earned three degrees, including a master’s degree she completed entirely online. She knows the difficulties that students can encounter on their way to a degree. “When I was at MCC for undergrad, I had no clue what I was doing,” laughs Hopson. “I stumbled through to my associate degree. I wish I had had someone to coach me through the process.”

$250 and a 20-year delay

Hopson recounts the story of someone who entered the C2C program a short while ago after 20 years out of school. When asked what had kept her from finishing her degree, she said that a $250 fee kept her away. Then she discovered the C2C program. And with the help of Shaquita and the C2C Grant, she was able to return and is now just a few credits away from earning the degree she always wanted.

A fear of algebra

Another non-traditional student came to Hopson after being out of college for almost 30 years. She really wanted to complete her degree and had heard about the C2C program. There was just one problem. She had a severe fear of algebra, a course requirement for her degree. So Shaquita went to work meeting with advisors and the dean. Together they identified an alternative to fulfill the requirement and to earn the credits she needed for her degree. “When I told her that we made it happen, it was like I had told her she’d won a million dollars!” smiles Hopson.

Making it easier

Shaquita tries to serve as a “middle person” putting herself in the position to do the things needed to get C2C adults into school and graduating. “I love the determination these non-traditional students have. I’m committed to having the same determination to helping them.”

Having attended a lot of school, she understands how tough it can be to navigate the system. “If someone has to talk to multiple people, and jump through too many hoops, it gets really frustrating,” says Hopson. “My job is to do as much of that stuff for them as possible. That’s one of the great things about the C2C program.”

And she works hard for her students. That could mean tracking down transcripts, meeting with advisors, and sometimes even meeting with the Dean to see what it will take for her C2C students to complete their degrees. The same process that most college students go through when determining what it will take to complete their degree.

You might be closer than you think

If you’re considering going back to complete your degree, Hopson has some advice for you, “Just call. Do it. If you don’t call, you don’t know. You might be closer to a degree than you think.”

The Complete 2 Compete program helps Mississippi adults identify the clearest pathway to completing their degree, including the support and guidance of a C2C Coach like Shaquita Hopson. Contact C2C today to see how close you are to completing your degree.