An accounting degree will open doors

An accounting degree gives you a strong foundation of business skills. Everything you learn with an accounting degree can be applied to almost every business, no matter how large or small. Which is why it is one of the most popular degree choices among adults returning to college. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job market for accountants will grow a substantial 13.1% between now and 2022, adding approximately 166,700 new jobs.

Here are some other great reasons to consider accounting when choosing your degree.

Options, options, options

Earn an accounting degree and you open a lot of doors for yourself. Accountants are needed in virtually every industry - from retail and industrial companies, to arts and agriculture, to travel and technology. Governments also employ lots of personnel in accounting functions.

Another option you’ll have is working for yourself. Instead of using your accounting skills in someone else’s company, you can start your own business providing accounting/auditing/bookkeeping services to your own clients. Of the 1,246,540 employed CPAs in the US today (Bureau of Labor Statistics), it is estimated that approximately 10% are self-employed. This is a great option for people whose schedules require them to work part-time, or odd hours.

Financial security. Career growth

Because they are in high demand, people with accounting degrees tend to earn salaries higher than in other careers (see average salary samples in the chart below). Another attractive benefit of working in accounting is the clearly defined career path. You’ll start entry-level, but if you perform well, the sky’s the limit.

Right here in Mississippi

According to, there are currently 19 public colleges and universities that offer an accounting degree program in Mississippi. This includes three that are accredited by AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) - a globally-recognized organization that provides accreditation for undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. The AACSB-accredited programs can be found at Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, and the University of Southern Mississippi.

A great job outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for accountants and auditors is good, with the number of jobs expected to increase around 10% each year through 2026.

Here is a small sample of the types of careers that require an accounting degree

Accounting Job Chart

Ready to go back and earn your degree?

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