Transferring credits from one school to another can seem like a daunting task. Will the classes I have taken be accepted by the new school? How will it impact the cost of my classes? Will I have to take classes over?

The process starts after you apply to the school of your choice. After your transcripts are sent from your old school to your new school, the admissions evaluation process begins to determine the best way to apply your credits and create a plan that provides you with the fastest path to a degree.

Your credits will typically be transferred in one of 2 ways:

Traditional Transfer Credits
Acceptance of transfer credit is determined by the receiving institution's transfer policy. After evaluating your earned college coursework, all coursework deemed applicable to your degree plan will then appear on your official academic transcript of the institution.

Additional information about transferring credits can be found here.

Reverse Transfer Credits
A Reverse Transfer allows students who have transferred from a community college to a public four-year university (but did not graduate), with at least 16 transferable credits, to send those earned credits back to the community college toward earning an Associate degree.

Learn more about Reverse Transfer here.

The MATT transfer tool allows Mississippians to compare public community college courses to equivalent courses at public universities and see how they can fill degree requirements for their major.

To streamline this process and encourage adults to complete their degrees, the state of Mississippi’s Institute for Higher Learning and Community College Board developed the Complete 2 Compete (C2C) program. The C2C program provides adults-oriented programs that maximize the application of earned credits towards a degree and the support of a coach that serves as a liaison between admissions, registrar’s offices and the colleges. The role of the coach is to help returning adults maximize the application of their earned credits and identify the fastest path to a degree. Learn more about Mississippi’s Complete 2 Compete Program and become one degree better!