You’re working one job and two college courses. You also have three kids who aren’t old enough to watch themselves. You are certainly not alone. According to the Lumina Foundation, approximately 25% of undergraduates are raising children while attending college. Do not worry! You CAN find childcare resources while earning your degree. Here are a few Mississippi resources for adult learners, like you, to start searching for quality childcare.

Currently, almost half of Mississippi’s public colleges and universities offer childcare on-campus. Click here to see the list.

On-campus childcare centers typically operate during daytime school hours. A good example of this is the Early Childhood Education centers affiliated with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College which provide high quality, low-cost childcare for the children of full-time MGCCC students.

Many universities get double duty out of their childcare facilities. For example - the Lottie W. Thornton Early Childcare Center at Jackson State University not only offers childcare to faculty and students, but they also use the facility for hands-on learning for students studying in areas such as elementary education and early childhood development.

Mississippi’s Early Childhood Academies

This program was developed with participating community/junior colleges, the Mississippi Department of Human Services, and childcare providers. Its focus is strengthening the network of childcare throughout the state. These academies can be found on many Mississippi campuses and most offer childcare services in addition to other resources for parents. Contact the Early Childhood Academy that serves your area.

In addition to on-campus childcare options, don’t forget other low-cost childcare options. Swap babysitting services with friends – they watch your kids while you’re in class, you watch theirs when they need some time. There are also many childcare grants and subsidies for adult students with children. If you or your spouse served in the military, ask about childcare services available on base or explore some of the available military programs to assist with childcare costs.

Another great resource for returning to college.

Mississippi’s Complete 2 Compete (C2C) Program can help you get back to school and earning your degree. And credits you’ve earned previously in college may mean you’re even closer to your degree than you think! Your C2C coach can help you every step of the way.

If you are a parent who wants to complete your degree, C2C is here for you. For more information please contact us.