When you restart your college journey, there are several strategies you can employ to keep yourself on the path to success:

1. Manage your time.

Begin each week with a written schedule. Pencil in all of your obligations such as work shifts, meetings, and appointments. Next, fill in specific blocks of time for study and coursework. Make a daily to do list, and break down big projects into small, achievable tasks.

2. Identify and reduce stress.

Schedule time for self-care, exercise, and sleep as well! Your health has a direct impact on your performance in school.

3. Don't overcommit.

Choose a reasonable course load, especially the first semester. Try out one or two classes at first to get a feel for your new schedule. Outside of class, learn to say "no" more often when asked to do extra duties at work, home, or in your community.

4. Ask for help.

Use the resources your school offers like tutoring or other student success resources. Ask friends and family to help when they can. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, reach out to counseling services provided by your school.

5. Keep your goals in mind.

When you feel discouraged, remember why you started this journey. Are you striving for a better job, better pay, personal achievement? Imagine the sense of pride you will have when you accomplish your goals.

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